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Who is Cbrnex?



I’m Cbrnex. You can read “Seaburn Cross” or “Seaburn X.” Cbrnex come from an acronym CBRNE.
Sometimes I use 7rs. Because I wanna keep userid short.

My friends call me “Manji”, but I don’t use it as a display name. Because “Manji” means bad symbol.
However, It isn’t used as a bad symbol in Japan, but as a map symbol for temples. Japanese call nazi*m symbol “Harkenkreuz”.

Cbrne is a generic term for weapons and disasters, so probably “Cbrnex” doesn’t have problems…

I’m a programmer

I don’t like front-end very much. Because it consuming my time. Even so, I don’t have extensive back-end or server-side experience…
I have used Python, Golang, TypeScript, Java, Lua, ShellScript (bash, zsh), etc. I wanna learn Rust, Swift, Haskell. I just wanna learn.

I’m a TASer

I mainly play Super Mario 64, especially play Romhack. Almost Romhack are still unexplored territory.
Also, I’ll join TAS Comp. It enjoying me.

Thanks for reading

This page will continue to change. Every time my thoughts change.
I’m always staying on Discord. It doesn’t have strict rules, so let’s join it and talk with us! Development, games, anything! Be careful be mistaken for spam.